—————– Update Summer 2016: Project overview ————————–

An embedded system is an electronic system (hardware and software) that is integrated into consumer products or devices, with the intent to provide a form of intelligent behavior. The essence of an embedded system is software inside a hardware device. In the early days electronic measurement and control systems existed entirely of hardware. In an embedded system software utilizes part of the electronic measuring and control tasks. Because the software can be easily replaced, the device is flexible to adapt to future requirements.

An infinite (measure and control) loop is the core of embedded software, it is translated into the logo of loop4ever. An infinite loop is a set of computer instructions performed in an infinite repetition. This loop mainly awaits for external events, such as the handling of a button being pressed. While waiting, a battery powered embedded system is usually kept in deep sleep mode to save utmost power. Embedded real-time operating system software are therefore tied to sharp time constraints.